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BMW m4 Yas Marina Blue on HRE Wheels

When I first purchased this YAS back in November of 2014, I didn’t realize how much hype there was with the F8x’s. At that time, I found a beautiful 996 GT3 paint to sample that was built so well. But for some reason, I remember asking myself, why am I not looking at the new M4?  Did a little research and the Yas really caught my attention.  What has been amazing with this build was joining the BMW community on Instagram with the OG’s like Amir (@F80_M3), Robert (@Limerock200), and David (@Itsyasbitches).

Growing up, I’ve always been a huge fan of HRE wheels, so definitely wanted to send a big shoutout to Tag Motorsports for letting me carry the mantle from their shop car that had these Classics on them.  What was also a great privilege was to invite me into their booth at Big Socal Euro 2015, in San Diego.  Was able to meet Antonio (@smallzsd) from HRE, who has one sick NSX riding on the same classics with gold centers.

2015 BMW M4 – Yas with silverstone interior

M Performance: grills, kidneys, side skirts, chin and splitters,mirrors, LED steering.

Rims: HRE Classics 303

Rear Spoiler: Mode Carbon

Rear Diffuser: 1st-Status Gruppe / 2nd -Kohlenstoff (Not pictured)

Exhaust: (Not pictured) AWE non resonated exhaust


One of the great things about the car community on instagram is how small the world got and how Instagram profiles started to become real faces. Some times I would meet people at the gas station to even down the street at Trader Joe’s.


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