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Ferrari 488 – Myricambi Carbon Fiber Fitment

Myricambi / My

We’ve fortunately have had an opportunity to team up with Myricambi ( In looking to help create the perfect look for the 488, there are a few people we’ve worked with before but it didn’t mean we want to shut the door on giving other vendors an opportunity. We are still very selective on moving forward with this car and the myricambi team has definitely come through in a great way. First and foremost, the team at Myricambi are great guys to work with.   Also, the fitment of their products are on point. That tends to be the issue when it comes to carbon when you don’t have an OEM piece. But from our experience, Myricambi fits right in with the best of them.


Take a look at the photos.


ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_1 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_2 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_3 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_4 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_5 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_6 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_7 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_8 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_9 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_10 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_11 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_12 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_13 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_14 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_15 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_16 ferrari_488_myricambi_cur8tor_17