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Event: Lamborghini Beverly Hills & Berluti

Lamborghini Beverly Hills held an event which was hosted in collaboration with Berluti. It was a great night which was held privately to preview Berluti’s prestigious Bespoke shoe collection from Master Shoe Maker, Jean-Michel.

The night also featured fine Italian Charcuterie / Hennessy Cognac tasting as well. Don’t forget about all the amazing vehicles as well.

For more information about Berluti, you can find them at South Coast Plaza or visit






We also had an opportunity to view of few rare automobiles there as well.  My two favorites from that night were the Aston Martin prototype and the Aston Martin Superleggera DB5. Check out some of the images of the cars that we were able to capture from the event.


beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_21 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_17 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_16 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_19 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_3 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_6

beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_18 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_20 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_8 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_4 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_5 beverly_hills_lamborghini_astonmartin_berluti_7