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About Us

Welcome to the Cur8tor

So a lot of people have been asking us about the meaning of the Cur8tor and why did you create this lifestyle brand.  We’ve been fortunate to experience some of the nicer things in life especially when it comes to the cars, watches, and other types of products.  It’s interesting though to meet the individuals that have come across our paths, whether they helped us acquire things, to those who share in similar passions and hobbies, business, or to those who simply ask questions.  The common theme amongst all of this, is that through these acquisitions, the people have become very interesting to meet along the way, and simply put, we like “good peoples!”

So along the way, social media has definitely played a big role in connecting certain communities, as well as having the ability to share in these passions digitally from all around the world. Some people have come and gone, but others continue to interact in the same passions on a daily basis which is exciting to be a part of.



Furthermore, as we curate through our lifestyle in the things we enjoy, it’s always nice to share and answer questions about certain things, but the opportunity to have others become curators themselves and share in their stories, that’s exciting.  If you would like contribute and become a curator, please feel free to submit to us by email. If you would like to highlight a few of the following things, let’s see what what we can share.


Want to become a curator and highlight any of the following?

  • Products (cars, watches, apparel)
  • Vendors (services, unique products)
  • Certain people in services (photographers, models, creatives)
  • Events
  • or have other ideas?

The cur8tor community is already growing with ideas that stretch from the west coast to the east coast, so if you would like to encourage and build someone up from some experience, or product, please feel free to share.


For more information, please email or find us on Instagram @theCur8tor 

All items, unless stated otherwise, are photographed and owned by the cur8tor team. If you decide to use some of the photos, please credit the cur8tor unless it’s stated otherwise.  Thank you.


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